• Experienced Programmer in C++, C, Java, Scheme, Prolog, SQL, Python, Processing, LaTeX, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Experienced with many IDEs including: Eclipse, Dr. Java, Visual Studio, IAR, QT Creator, Dr. Racket, TeXworks and IDLE
  • Experienced with most modern operating systems including the Windows family, multiple Linux distributions, OSX and Android.
  • Experienced with working in virtual machines, running code on single board computers and microcontrollers and sharing code through GitHub
  • Experienced in website creation/maintenance with WordPress and familiar with web hosting services and domain acquisition
  • Fluent in English and French, having obtained French Immersion Certificate in 2010


Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)

Carleton University 2014 – 2017

Relevant Completed Courses:

Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Computer Vision, Introduction to Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Programming Paradigms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms I, Intro to Systems Programming, Database Management Systems, Computational Logic and Automated Reasoning, Abstract Data Types and Algorithms, Discrete Structures II, Fundamentals of Web Applications, Introduction to Computer Science II, Discrete Structures I, Elementary Calculus I, Linear Algebra I, Introduction to Stat Modelling I, Introduction to Computer Science I, Introduction to Computers for the Sciences.

Bachelor of Arts Honors in History and Theory of Architecture

Carleton University 2010 – 2014

Completed Courses:                                                                              

ARCH 1000, ARTH 1100, ARTH 1200, BUSI 1003, PSYC 1001, ANTH 1001, ARTH 1101, ERTH 1009, GEOG 1010, PHIL 1550, ARTH 2202, ARTH 3002, ARTH 3609, CHEM 1001, COMP 1004, ARTH 2502, ARTH 2608, BIOL 1902, PSCI 1001, PSYC 1002, ARTH 2102, GEOG 1020, HIST 1300, IDES 2000,   ISCI 1001, ARTH 2406, ARTH 3305, ARTH 3507, ARTH 3809, HIST 1300, ARCH 4206, CLCV 2000, COMP 1005, FILM 1000, HIST 1001, ARTH 3107, ARTH 3107, STAT 2507


Work Experience:

Software Developer Intern                                                        September 2017-January 2017

Revision Military, Nepean, ON

  • Was part of a six-person software division that developed firmware for smart batteries, and accompanying applications used for the testing, diagnosis and operation of the batteries.
  • Worked extensively with benchtop power supplies, variable loads, multimeters, soldering equipment and lithium ion technology for hardware testing, assembly and repair.
  • Performed manual and automated software tests whenever a new firmware release was made and created detailed documents/bug reports about my findings and submitted them to Jira.
  • Developed a Windows application designed to upload firmware to the batteries. It was written in C and C++ using visual studio and was built from code provided by Texas Instruments for use with their MCUs.
  • Developed an automated testing application written in Java using Eclipse which replicated the results of the time-consuming sanity test and the inter-device communication test without the need for heavy manpower investment.
  • Constructed a device cycler testing jig using relay modules that was intended for use with the automated testing application in order to switch out hardware configurations in an automated fashion.
  • Made contributions to the company GitLab repository, wiki and bug tracking system.
  • Obtained security clearance through the Controlled Goods Program


Shift Manager                                                                                   April 2016 – September 2017

Pizza Hut, Orleans, ON

  • Handled training, supervision and performance evaluation of all employees
  • Responsible for customer compensation, money balancing, driver payouts and staff deployment
  • Key holder, cash register access, safe access
  • Temporarily, filled in for absent General manager: reorganizing problematic staff schedules, doing the product ordering, contacting repair representatives, communicating with area manager, responding to filed complaints.


Kitchen Staff                                                                                             August 2010 – April 2016

Pizza Hut, Orleans, ON

  • Prepared food, cleaned equipment, and restocked kitchen supplies
  • Trained and supervised new employees in preparing food, washing dishes, and store cleaning
  • Handled closing duties and prepared the store for the proceeding day

Volunteer Experience:

Webmaster                                                                                September 2015 – present

Dr. Jim Paul Prosthodontics, Ottawa, ON

  • Took over website content management of http://www.jimpaul.ca
  • Made minor content adjustments based on feedback from the client
  • Transitioned the website to a new web hosting service
  • Implemented google analytics which required a JavaScript injection into the website’s source code
  • Served as offsite tech support for issues regarding the company email system and provided basic advice about hardware issues.


Programming Tutor                                                                      January 2017- April 2017

Ontario, Ottawa, ON

  • Tutored an Ottawa University Undergraduate Stats student in introductory level Python
  • Assisted student with programming assignments and labs
  • Provided explanations, advice and debugging help during weekly sit-down sessions and over email
  • Got him an A in ITI 1120

Personal Interests:

DIY electronics projects

  • Programable LED decorations
  • Raspberry Pi emulation machines
  • Homemade Windows 10 tablet PC
  • 3D printer assembly and modification
  • Custom PC building


Visual arts

  • Sketching
  • Oil Pastel
  • Painting

Contact me through Email at markcpaul@sympatico.ca or leave comments below

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