Raspberry Pi Alexa


Amazon released code for interfacing with the Alexa servers to anyone who registers as an Amazon developer. I’m pretty sure this was a move by Amazon designed to encourage 3rd party developers to either develop for the platform or implement Alexa services on other devices. Either way, it means people like me now have access to all the tools needed to build our very own Amazon Echos, which at the time of this video was a pretty big deal since Echos weren’t available commercially in Canada or most of the world outside the US. Access to this code has been available for a while, and I even built it into my 1st gameboy project if anyone remembers that from 2016. However, since then the experience has become much better and they even added wake word functionality.

Now I’m not going to waste my time butchering a tutorial for you when there’s plenty of much more qualified people out there for that, but recently one of my favorite youtubers ExplainingComputers made one that everyone should check out. His video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baec1CbV6A0

Parts List:

JBL Pulse 2

CDN$ 245.55

Raspberry Pi 2

CDN$ 56.70


CDN$ 6.66

Raspberry Pi case

CDN$ 14.95

USB Wifi/Bluetooth dongle

CDN$ 16.99

Mini USB microphone

CDN$ 4.09

16GB micro SD card

CDN$ 19.99

Auxillary cable

CDN$ 6.99


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